Funds open for accredited investors only.

About Us

(AD)Ventures is a global investment firm. Powered by a team of investment, operating, and marketing professionals based in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, and London. The (AD)Ventures portfolio of investments consists of Real Estate, E-Commerce, Media, Construction, Debt and Equity Financing Portfolio.

Our Deals

Funds open for accredited investors only.

 (AD)Ventures Golf - Fund I

Fund Amount: $50,000,000.00

32,000 Acres | 19 Luxury Golf Courses | Multiple Golf Brands 

Our top focus is to acquire both private, public, and entertainment style golf courses and resorts within new and emerging markets.  

Luxury Island Development - Fund II

Fund Amount: $50,000,000.00 

33 Acres |10 Private Islands | Luxury Island Development Portfolio

"The Worlds Most Private Island Resort Group" . The fund will grow a two island brand into a 10 Island signature line of luxury, all inclusive, 100% private islands.

Precision General Contracting - Fund I

Fund Amount $30,000,000.00 

10 Cities | $35M Scheduled Income 2021 | Post Covid Growth

Taking advantage of the huge growth in residential construction companies and the segmented industry. The fund will be used to group many medium sized companies into one large group with a nationwide presence.

Stem Cell Development - Fund I

Fund Amount: $100,000,000.00

 Stem Cell Development | Stem Cell Distribution   

Investments will be focused on investing in the manufacturing and distribution of stem cell therapies.   

Surf X London - Fund I

Fund Amount: $90,000,000.00

3 Surf Parks | Fully Permitted & Property Acquired | Ready to break ground

SurfX holds multiple surf park technology licenses to deploy surf parks across the globe.   U.S.A., U.K., Mexico, Europe, Australia

The Team

Rod Lacy

Partner - Director  

Joe Purvis

Founder - Managing Partner 

Drew Burks


Damon Francis

Private Wealth Advisor

Nic Marckstadt

Financial Analyst

Tom Dellerba

Real Estate Analyst

Taylor Robinson

Creative Director

Peter Dalkus

Golf Course Acquisition Specialist 

We are Hiring!

Investor Relations

Lauren Flynn

Executive Recruiting 

Raul d'Ablaing

Marketing Director

Jack Glaw

Commercial Lender

Angie Merget

Investor Relations

Sandro Piancone

International Distribution 

Andrea Piontkovski, Esq., LL.M

Legal Counsel 

Do You Need Funding?

We Fund Real Estate Deals, Business Acquisitions, and Lines of Credit

Types of Projects we Fund

Business Acquistions
$5M - $1B
Public and Private Golf Courses
Minimum $1M EBITDA Required
U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Caribbean
Muti-Family Properties
$5M - $1B
 U.S.A., Mexico, Canada
Luxury Travel Destinations
$5M - $1B
U.S.A., Belize, South America, South Pacific 
Commercial Real Estate Lending Opportunities
$1M - $1B
Climbing and Yoga Gyms
High EBITA   |  10,000 sq. ft.  |  
California  |  Arizona  |  Utah | Texas
Medical Practices
$5M - $100M
Construction Companies
$5M - $100M
Media Companies
$5M - $100M
U.S.A., Europe
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